In Memory of Lucy

My Life by Lucy Mercurio

I was born on July 28th, 1995 in Altamonte Springs, Fl. My mom dog was a brindle but I turned out a fawn color, I’m a boxer. A cute one if I do say so myself. I’ll never forget The day my human Mom came to pick me out. I was 2 weeks old and from what she tells me I could fit in the palm of her hand. I grew to 70 lbs and only my head would fit in her hands now. She was buying me for my brother Ricky, hence my name Lucy, for Ricky and Lucy Ricardo from the I Love Lucy Show! I remember my Dad coming home and yelling, Lucy, I’m home! — I think he was trying to be funny but I never did understand.

Anyway, I had to stay at my dog home till I was 6 weeks old so I would be old enough to be out on my own with my new family. The next time I saw my human Mom she had my sister with her. I remember because I loved running after her shoes trying to bite her laces and making her yell, Mom, what is she doing, make her stop! she didn’t realize I was playing with her.

We arrived at our new home and they put me in the kitchen while this little boy named Ricky came home from school. When he walked in the door they all yelled, surprise — and I jumped on him knocking him to the floor, licking his face and nibbling at his ears. The entire family was laughing. I knew right away I would enjoy being a part of my new family.

Fast-forward 10 years later, we have since moved to Atlanta Ga. I am now much slower, more mature, don’t chase after the kids shoes much anymore. We have a new sister, Roxy; she’s a boxer too. She’s crazy! Always barking in my ear, trying to get me to run and jump with her. I am at an age where I can go out without a leash but she can’t. She still runs all over creation but I stay close, go outside do my thing, and come back in where it’s cool and comfy. I love my life; it’s been good to me. My family and I have done lots of fun things over the years. They always took good care of me and I will keep them in my heart forever!

To our Lucy:

I remember The day I picked you out from a liter of 8. You were so cute and tiny. I can’t believe you grew to be 70 lbs. I remember The day Ricky took you outside in the rain, holding that big umbrella in one hand and the leash with you in the other. All of a sudden you’re dragging Ricky with the umbrella down the street. Dad had to run outside to help him because he was barefoot and couldn’t stop you. We knew at that point you were going to be a strong girl. Ricky never again took you outside without having shoes on his feet.

You and I grew old together, making our nightly climb up the stairs to put a close on The day’s events. You were my best friend, looking at me when I was sad like you knew exactly what I was feeling. You completed our lives you will always be remembered. You showed us all patience, kindness and how to love unconditionally. You made us laugh and cry The day we said good-bye. I will never forget you; you will always be in my heart. You were a good girl one who will be a part of our family once again when we meet up at Rainbow Bridge.

Roxy is wearing your collar; I still have your bowls on the floor. Thank you sweet girl for all the pleasure and joy you brought to this family.

Mom, Dad, Danielle, Ricky, Liz, Roxy and Booger-Bear!