In Memory of Luck

March 1993 – December 20, 2007

Luck’s life with me started one rainy day when Sweet Pea and I went to the local Animal Shelters to donate blankets. LuAnne warned, “don’t bring home a dog!”

When I got to the shelter in Anaheim, all the dogs were barking and jumping.
Not Luck he was laying on the wet cement, miserable, looking up at me as I passed. I said, “Hi handsome”; he just made a loud groaning noise. When I asked the shelter clerk his story, I was told he had until the end of The day to be adopted. He would be destroyed the next day. It was 4pm! He had one hour to be adopted!

LuAnne say’s, “I didn’t bring home a dog, I brought home a Pony!” And I named him “LUCK”.

I’ll miss him. We all will!

Bye Handsome.