In Memory of Liza

Our sweet Liza was a Godsend because of the serendipitous way she & sister Gracie came into our lives unexpectedly at a time of grief. They were just meant to be part of our family and these tiny five week old kittens gave us joy & laughter through our tears. Liza’s 5 years with us are filled with precious memories that now bring tears to our eyes, but will someday bring comfort and a smile. Her presence lives on with us through her little spirit.

Liza was a great conversationalist — she’s the only kitty we know who would carry on a two-way conversation as if she knew what we were saying. Liza always greeted us in the morning with conversation and said goodnight the same way.

One of her favorite pastimes was to sit in the windows watching the wildlife outside. Liza would sit for hours in our front window watching the chipmunks and in the Spring and Summer, she would find a perch in Jac’s office window to get a close-up view of all the backyard birds. She also loved watching our parakeet, Lola. Liza would get comfortable on top of the bedroom TV so that she was on the same level as Lola’s suspended cage. She would watch Lola all throughout The day sometimes falling asleep on top of the TV.

Liza was Jacs breakfast buddy. She would join him at the breakfast room table every morning when he was eating breakfast for conversation and sometimes to lay on the newspaper he was reading.

One of Liza’s cute traits was the dainty way she drank water. Instead of putting her mouth into the water bowl, she would use her little paw to scoop the water to her mouth — her way of using good manners!

During Christmas Liza’s favorite spot to sleep was under the Christmas tree. Sometimes she and sister, Gracie, would engage in hide & seek among the Christmas ornaments managing to knock off a few along the way for future play. Another favorite hangout for Liza was on the catwalk above the great room. She would hang over between the spindles & talk to us to let us know where she was.

Liza was such a sweet, loving kitty. She would accompany overnight guests upstairs to their bedroom and promptly make herself at home on their suitcase — her little way of showing Southern hospitality. She was always a gentle little soul with all of our pets. She even tolerated the new puppy who joined our family and who had never been around cats. Liza was very patient with him and never showed any aggression even when the puppy chased her.  

She was an affectionate little kitty who always loved attention. Liza’s favorite was to roll over on her back while her tummy was petted. She would talk and reach out with her little paws as if to say I love you, too.

Liza gave us so much joy and her absence leaves a huge void in our hearts & lives. We are thankful for the time we had with her and for all the wonderful memories. She walked into our hearts five years ago and her paw prints will stay forever. We will always love you, Liza.