In Memory of Libby

I first met you at the Robert and Theresa’s home. You picked me to play ball and the rest is history. I would be your third home. Your real name was Liberty and your first Mom, Geri, had to give you up because our country called her to service. The Riddle’s had to give you up because you were already a spoiled little girl and there was another baby on the way. So I was blessed enough to get you at four years of age.

I was soon to find out that I had inherited a small animal with a huge brain, heart, ego, energy level, and full of love. You loved to play ball and absolutely would play until you were made to stop. You had your ways of making everyone play, regardless of who they were or what they were doing. You could interpret and anticipate angles when playing ball, solve puzzles when it got in tight spots, and retrieve it from anywhere other then the top of the refrigerator.

I had built a special room just for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about tearing anything up or soiling the floor. That lasted almost ten minutes. The house and everything in it belonged to you, and that’s the way it was wherever you went. You were just so darned cute and lovable that you manipulated whatever you wanted out of whoever you encountered. Even in the golden years, you were sleeping on Christel’s forbidden blanket within minutes of it coming out of the package, the one that “no dogs” were gonna get to use!

You also had your way of finding a place in everybody’s heart that met you. Even people who didn’t care for dogs couldn’t resist your charm. Likewise, the people that did like dogs, and have dogs, always said you were something very special. It was too obvious to deny. You were truly one of God’s very special creatures, and for some reason, I was blessed enough to have 12 years with you. We did a lot, and went through a lot together during those years. You loved the snow, the beach, Dairy Queen, going for visits to Aunt Dee-Dee and Maggie’s, and just going anywhere with your Dad in the car. We were best buddies!

You were always a camera hound and loved to show off and wear just about anything anybody would put on you. You just went along with most anything, and so well behaved. Because of that, you got to go in so many homes and so many places that most dogs couldn’t imagine. You were snuck into stores, restaurants, and even a hospital. Yes, you even did your part to try and make Sarah feel better when she was at Shepherd Spinal Center. Nobody could refuse your kisses!

You were a small dog; 13 pounds at your heaviest. However you had the determination, bravery, dedication, and strength of the mightiest. You weren’t scared of anything or anybody, nothing slowed you down. You fought off a heart murmur your entire life and Cushing’s and Addison’s disease for the last few years. Through it all you never missed a beat. In the end, it would be a tumor that would get the best of you. It was just too big, but you kept fighting until the very end.

Maybe you were larger than I realized, because now I see the incredibly big place that you occupied in so many hearts.