In Memory of Lexus

Lexus was adopted at 8 weeks old and brought home on April 30, 1994 from the Cobb County Humane Society. Her home address until January of 2005 was 2571 Thorns Hill Place. She was one of eight or nine fine puppies of mixed beagle, lab and chow breeds.

When I looked in the cage they had her and sibling in I thought “I want a dog with large paws”, but the only ones with larger paws were male. I wanted a female. So as I went down to look at the genders, she grabbed my lower arm and wrapped her little skinny paws and held on…I knew I had to take her home.

Upon getting her home, she did not cry or move or anything and after almost a week, I was going to take her back, but she started eating, running, playing and chewing my shoes! She loved to go walking and learned the word over time, she would go and take her chain and with her nose throw it up in air, she later learned the word “”walk””as quickly as she learned the word “bath”only she would run the opposite way if I said “bath.”

She would dig under the fence and roam the neighborhood, beagle sniffing all day and return home to the front porch just a little before I would get home.? She dug out twice and was entangled on a tree with no food and water and was found 3 weeks later and we picked her up. This same incident happened again about 3 weeks later, for another 3 weeks, no food and no water and returned to us safely.

She learned the word “treat”and “Mommy” which was me. She was my friend after my major surgery and would try and lick me on the arm and make me well…as if I were her puppy. She saw my good tears, my happiness, my bad tears and sadness, she saw my loves and losses…she saw my son grow up and she learned to love her cat siblings (but only in the house, when outside ALL cats were fair game).

It was very difficult to accept her death with all of truimphs in life. My son and I loved her very much and will forever love and remember her.