In Memory of Lady McClain

I want to tell Lady’s story. The story begins Christmas of 2003 and came to a sad and peaceful end on Friday September 24th 2010. I have no idea of Lady’s beginning other than she must have been a beautiful puppy. I know she had a family for almost the first five years of her life. Lady was taken to a shelter in Northern Virginia in September of 2003. The family said that Lady growled at the baby, as the baby crawled over and gotten into Lady’s food dish. That was it for Lady.

Skip ahead to December of 2003, we had lost our 9 year old German Shepherd to Cancer in July of 03. We had been going to adoption events held by Northern Virginia German Shepherd Rescue. I was ready to love again, but did not want to start over with a puppy. So many of these wonderful dogs need good loving homes. We meet Lady and that was it for my husband and me. Lady was beautiful and so sweet, a little shy and a sadness in her eyes that I am sure came from her heart. I am sure she loved her first family and did not understand why she had been left. It took Lady time to trust, play, and to really love again. Lady always wanted to please us. She followed me everywhere! I almost changed her name to shadow, but she was to much of a Lady. We also wanted her to know that we knew her name and wanted her just the way she was, so I kept her name.

It has now been 7 years since she was left at that shelter. These have been the BEST seven years for us as well as Lady. I believe the main reason for life, is to love and to be loved. Lady was loved by so many. All of our hearts are so heavy with sadness over the loss of our sweet girl. I feel like I can’t even breathe at times. A piece of my heart went with Lady as she left us to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I miss everything about her. She had a long and happy life. She would have turned 12 on October 21, 2010. I will still celebrate her life. She was the very best dog to me, and she was my friend and my husband’s girl. Only her dad knew the right way to rub the ears. Lady loved her dad best of all.

In November of last year I was talking to Lady’s Fostermom, Lea. Lea told me that she had just been thinking of “Bugs”, Lady bug. She had seen pictures of a six year old boy being surrendered by his family because of two new babies. She told me he looked so much like Lady and same kind of story. I told her that Lady was getting old, and pretty set in her ways and that we really were not looking to get a brother or sister any more. I got an e-mail with pictures the next day of the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. I was in love again. I sent it on to my husband, “Lady’s Dad” and asked him to not just look at this boy, but to consider giving him a home and Lady a brother. He said NO…, but finally gave in. Lady got a brother “Duncan” on January 2, 2010. I don’t think Lady really wanted a brother at this time, but did like the idea of having someone like herself, to boss around. She has been Queen of this castle.

Today is such a sad day without our sweet girl, but I thank god, Lea Spickler, and my husband that Duncan is here to lick away my tears. He is laying under the desk keeping my feet warm as I tell Lady’s story.

Lady loved her brother and he loved her. She LOVED kids from babies to teens. Lady loved to play fetch when we first got her, but would only bring it back 3 times. The 4th time she would go right past you to the door and drop the ball and stand by the door to go in. She loved to be indoors, I think if we could have found a litter box big enough she would have been happy to have stayed in the house. She did not like the heat, or cold, or rain, or bugs. She did not like grass, she always used the driveway or sidewalk. She loved her crate until we moved to Georgia, where she found comfort in the bath tub. Her favorite toy was a large fur Christmas ball that looks like an ornament and sings jingle bells, over and over and over. Lady also loved cows that would moo, and she had an orange pumpkin that looks like a jack-o-lantern and has a wicked laugh. She loved to go with us to get ice-cream; her dad always got her her own. She loved to go on trips and loved car rides. She just did not want to get out of the car unless we were at home. Lady was going to make sure we never left her. When we would travel and stay at hotels, she would sleep right in front of the door, so we could not leave without her. Halloween was her favorite holiday, she loved to meet the kid at the door and get all of the pats on her head or hugs and kisses. She did not like to give kisses, it was very rare, and you had to be special.

I know someday I will see her again. Until that day, she will wait with my other fur babies. I know they are young, and pain free. They play and eat and sleep and there are no thunderstorms, shotguns, or fireworks. Lady is free from old age. Till we see you again sweet girl, we love and miss you.

Love always and forever,
Mom, Dad,& Duncan