In Memory of Kitty

April 1990 – December 26, 2007
This our beloved ‘Kitty’

Kitty came to our family in April of 1990. She was initially adopted by someone else who suddenly decided they didn’t want a cat and proceeded to leave her on a busy road in Cobb County. Fortunately, a neighbor found her, and our son, Steven, begged us to adopt her. We brought Kitty home, and she knew she had a loving home from the first day. Kitty had a unique ‘meow’, and often would acknowledge your presence before she could see you. Like many cats, Kitty was a lover of cheese of nearly any kind and would bug us until she got her share.

Her personality and loving nature made her a cat a family would love to have as a family member, and It has hurt all of us tremendously to let her go on December 26, 2007. It was then, we realized, we didn’t own Kitty – She was just on loan from God.

Goodbye Kitty, we love you and miss you.
Mark, Vicki and Steven Mitchell