In Memory of Kita

Kita was our first girl. We are so grateful for the incredible Twelve and a half years Kita spent with us on Earth. We have been so present to her Spirit. Just two days after her physical being departed, a black butterfly landed on her big brother lab, Kota, while we were all together. For certain, Kita is and always will be with us.

Kita will be greatly missed.

We love you, Kita,
Mommy, Daddy, Kota, QQ, FaFe

From Your Kita Ole’ Girl

The greatest day of my life was when you and Daddy picked me out at Pet Smart,
Twelve and a half years ago. I couldn’t have been given a more loving home to start.

They called me a miracle pup because I survived my doggie Mom’s early demise,
But then I got the best human Mommy a dog could ever have, what a prize.

Mommy, you taught me many tricks along the way sit, paw, roll over and speak,?
Of course, my favorite one was kissing you on the cheek.

Then along came FaFe and Q, my dear sisters,
We all had fun chasing each other around till we got blisters.

Then came Kota, my dearly beloved big brother,
There was nothing that made me happier then when we were all together.

This is why I always was first to the door to greet,
Then at your command Go to the stairs to give kisses, so sweet.

You gave me the best life any dog could ever live,
Other than face licks, unconditional love was the easiest thing for me to give.

I will always be your Kita Ole’ Girl, that you know,
My spirit will never depart you, for it has nowhere to go.

Be comforted, I am now running the fields of doggie Graceland,
Joyfully, I watch you and am with you , forever in heart, soul and hand.

I Love You, Mommy
I love you, Daddy
I love you Kota, QQ and FaFe