In Memory of Kinney Parker

Kinney was a joy to everyone who knew her in the18 years we were lucky enough to have her with us. The excitement began when Ben received a note from Santa that a kitten had been born on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1989, and as soon as it was ready to leave its mom, it would come live with us! On January 15, 1990, Aunt Joyce brought the kitten to Zach’s 2nd birthday party, and Ben named her Kinney Kari.

After a vet told us Kinney was a he, we were very surprised a few months later when she had 5 kittens! Kinney was the best mom ever and we found good homes for four of them, keeping Pickles for ourselves. To prove what a good mom she was, Kinney stole a pound of hamburger that was defrosting off the counter one afternoon and dragged it down to the far corner of the basement for her babies! We were so amazed to find it there all chewed on after we couldn’t imagine what had happened to it for our dinner.

A few years later when Zach needed to write an essay about the person he most admired, Kinney was the topic of his essay. She was also an incredible mouser, having been born in a barn out in Middleburg, Virginia.

Over the years, she caught dozens of moles, mice, and whatever else she could get her little paws on. But most of all, she was a devoted companion to the whole family growing up including 14 year old Missy, who also misses her. We can’t remember an occasion when Kinney was not our little helper kitty. She licked the bowl when we made cakes, chased balloons at birthday parties, hung out under the pool table and on school books, games, and Alex’s puzzles, and slept with Ben when he was little.

She spent many meals under Ben’s magic chair — waiting for table scraps to appear. She spent many hours on Pam’s lap and on the big blue blanket, and jumped right in to attack the shoelaces when she put on her shoes. She greeted everyone who came to the door and was a friend to everyone she met. She was always happy and good-natured and we will all miss her very much.