In Memory of Kilo Kennedy

We got Kilo in 1997 from the Cobb County Animal Shelter. He was about 4 months old and jumping exuberantly on his cage. With his long legs and big eyes, we guessed he was a Great Dane puppy. But, our vet told us on his first visit he was more likely 6 months old and not likely to get much larger than his 25 pounds. So, we named him Kilo in honor of his small stature. But, he did grow up to be 52 pounds, with a very thin frame and shiny black coat. His racy look led to his pet name “Regal Beagle.” And because of his wild nature at times we called him “Killer Tomato.” But, mostly he was known as Kee. He had a sensitive belly and could only eat Bil Jac dog food. He was very bright and learned to ring the door bell by our back door when he was ready to come inside. Everyone was very amazed by this trick he taught himself. He understood a lot of words and would even toss a tennis ball to our kids if we said, “Throw the ball to Ruby” or “Throw the ball to Paisley”. He loved to scratch at rocks on the bottom of the creek at Sope Creek, go on vacation to the Chesapeake Bay and run around in the bay at low tide, and ride in the car. I will always remember him bounding across the yard in his younger days. He was a beautiful dog. Always, a gentle soul, he loved people. He saw us through apartment life, three houses, the births of our four children, and always met life and each situation with vigor and kindness. At the age of eleven, he began to lose weight, his coat lost its luster, and he slept more and more on his favorite sofa. Our sincere thanks goes to Dr. Webster and Montrose Animal Hospital who saw him in his final years and last moment at the age of 14. We are also thankful for Dream Land who helped him make a dignified passing. Kilo will be remembered and missed greatly.