In Memory of Kiko

Our precious Kiko went to heaven on 2/22/11. She was born in July of 1997 and was the only little girl of all the puppies.

11 months prior to me meeting Kiko for the first time I had to send my sweet cocker Brandy to heaven and didn’t think I would ever want another dog because of the pain I felt when I had to let her go. I feel with all my heart that Brandy’s soul was in Kiko because we connected immediately.

From the beginning Kiko was perfect! She was the best little puppy all the way to the end. I’ve never felt this kind of love in my life, she made everything better no matter what was happening. Unfortunately our baby developed oral melanoma which is an extremely aggressive cancer. I only had a month and a half to prepare for the day I would have to let her go.

My promise to her was I would never let her feel any discomfort or pain. When we said goodbye to her it felt so unfair but we know she is playing and running and feeling no pain or discomfort and that brings comfort to us. We miss you baby girl so very much and can’t wait until we meet again.