In Memory of Kiara

An Open Letter to Ms. Kiara Childress:


Ms. Kiara Childress
March 5, 2006 – September 25, 2010

In 2006, Tanisha and I were visiting the Cobb County Animal Shelter to look for one perfect puppy to raise in our new place when we relocated from New Orleans to Atlanta. We were looking for a puppy for almost an hour and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND? You! You looked at us and our eyes were attached to you because you were the most adorable puppy we had ever seen. We discussed to see if we can adopt you. The shelter said that you were available to adopt so we went ahead and adopted you. We brought you to our new place where we lived temporarily until we found a permanent home. We never forgot what a playful puppy you were when you were little.

We never forgot when you got the big doll in your mouth walking like baby steps. That is how you loved to play with your doll ever since ’til now. When you were a baby, you didn’t know we were a DEAF family. We trained you to learn basic American Sign Language like no-no, eat, sit, stay, outside, doll (or ball). Then we moved to our current permanent home and your life had evolved to adulthood. You knew we were deaf and you easily alerted us to tell us that someone was at the door. You knew it was bedtime when we turned the light or computer off every night. You always loved walking with us outside independently without leash. You always loved to sit right under my office chair while I was working on the computer and wait for me to go to bed or the living room to hang out with us to watch TV. Some mornings you would lick our hands that hung down from the bed to inform us it was the morning time!!

You were not like a regular dog; you were actually FAMILY to us because we could relate to each other . You were very UNIQUE from other dogs. Now you understand why we miss you and love you so much since you have gone to Heaven but we know you are in God’s loving hands. It does really hurt us a lot not seeing you around anymore in our house. It’s REALLY HARD to let you go! We just can’t BUT we do understand that it was YOUR TIME to go to Heaven where God has invited you to His Heaven Play land so you can enjoy it up there for eternity. You will ALWAYS be in our heart, mind, and soul FOREVER!

We cannot thank you enough for being such an important part of our lives for the past four WONDERFUL YEARS! It’s truly an honor for us that God pointed you towards our direction and adopt you because God knew that you needed a good home. You were very lucky to have us and we were very lucky to have you. We said our final goodbyes to you at Dream Land Pet Memorial Center Chapel . We also stuffed you with your favorite mini-teddy bear doll along with your favorite bone in your bed before the cremation. We wanted you to have those things with you to remember your life and us. Again, we miss you and love you so much. Don’t worry we will see you when we meet again in eternal life.

Misses & Love Always
Forever and Ever,
Josh & Tanisha Childress