In Memory of Kelsey

This is Kelsey.

She was a sweet, loyal and loving little girl. We had the great blessing of having her as a member of our family for almost 11 years.

We adopted Kelsey from Petsmart when the Paulding shelter was there to have animals adopted.

When Kelsey came to us she came with many issues. She must have had a really bad start to her life. She cried for food, hid her bones, ate the furniture, floors and walls if we left her, and had some physical problems. But with all her fears and physical problems, she was always sweet and loving. We earned her trust, and she ours. She never complained. She was always easy in whatever we asked of her.

She shared our home with 2 other dogs, 2 children, 2 grandchildren and a host of family and friends. If you came into the house and did not pay attention to her she would raise a paw and gently tap you on the leg to let you know she was there. She would bring her most prized toy to show you, and shake her tail to let you know she would share it with you.

And she was smart too. My son had taken his meal to eat at the coffee table in the living room so as to eat and watch the television at the same time. She watched as he sat and began to eat. She calmly walked into his bedroom and brought out a sock. She sat down and began to play with the sock so that he could see her. He arose and picked up the sock from her. As he walked back to his bedroom, she watched him. And when he was out of sight, she calmly walked over to his plate and began to eat his meal.

She loved birthdays because that meant singing, Happy Birthday. And yes she sang too. She knew that she would then get a little bit of the cake and some whipped cream. (Never chocolate, of course).

When you gave her a bath she would just comply with your request and never give you a hard time with the wash or the grooming that followed. She walked like a little princess after she was groomed. She looked so pretty with her little hair bows and painted nails. She had a feminine face, you just knew she was a little girl. Many times I would think that she fancied herself to be a cat and not a dog. She would clean her paws and wipe her face with them much like a cat.

Trips to the vet were easy and she always bit the bullet when it came to receiving shots.

She loved to look out the window. She would lounge on the couch in the kids’ bedroom, and gaze out the window all day. If not there then her favorite place was on her big round pillow bed in front of the glass storm door. From this point she could see all the things that the outside had to offer.

When not lounging and looking outside, she would go into the backyard and roll around on the grass and gaze up at the sky. She especially liked this when the grass was dry in the early spring after the winter, or in the late fall after the summer. The grass was dormant then and it must have been a bit stiffer. I would guess that it probably felt like she had her own scratching post.

Time had not been kind to her hips however. Unfortunately her walks became shorter and shorter. But she loved them just the same. Once when we were moving some furniture around, we didn’t notice that she had gotten out of the house through an open door. My husband and a friend stood outside the house and looked down the street when low and behold, there appeared to be a little gray bear walking towards our home. It was Kelsey!! She just decided to take a little walk for herself and then came right home. She looked at my husband, and then walked right past him into the house. She wasn’t running out to explore the world; she just didn’t want to wait any longer for her walk.

Almost 11 years is a long time and also so short a time to share with one of God’s sweet little angels.

Recently she began to lose the control of her rear legs. Our veterinarian thought there was a neurological problem that caused this issue. I didn’t think that Kelsey was ready for her journey to Heaven just yet and for 2 weeks we tried very hard to help her to overcome the walking issue. The first week showed great signs of improvement. We thought that perhaps that with our help and some medication, she would be able to continue to live a good life.

Had it remained a walking issue we would certainly have helped her in any way possible. But the second week showed new problems. The illness was now taking a toll on her breathing, kidneys and also became a bleeding issue. We could do no more to help her, and we just couldn’t watch her suffer.

On June 23 at about 11:00 in the morning, in the comfort and safety of her home, with her family beside her, lying on her favorite pillow in her favorite place, Kelsey was released from her suffering. Without fear, knowing she was loved and treasured, she simply went to sleep.

We will miss Kelsey, but I know that she is in Heaven. I think that my mother and father are caring for her now. I certainly hope so. Perhaps one day we will all be together again.