In Memory of Kelly Campione

It was February 2, 1999 when my heart was first touched by you. It was “pet adoption day” at a local pet store. When I saw you I knew we needed one more “fuzzy face” in our lives. I called my daughter, Kim, who was at home, to come to the store and meet you. I sat on the floor with you in my lap keeping you safe. As I stroked your fur I knew that I needed you as much as you needed a “forever” loving home.

Your background was very limited… approximately 2yrs old, no name, your left eye missing, found wandering around a busy road in Cherokee County, and you had been recently spayed with your sutures still present.

My daughter fell in love with your cute little face almost as quickly as I had. It was that simple. We named you Kelly and headed home. We introduced you to Max our golden retriever, who was also a rescue, who was now 8yrs. You fit right into all our lives perfectly.

You had your way of getting your own way and leading us to believe that it was our idea to begin with. From that first night you shared my bed until your last.

You were the biggest “moocher” when it came to any meal… holiday meals especially, you had better odds of reward the more people there.

With each new toy brought home, you would promptly remove the left eye from it — I guess it looked better that way to you.

When Max passed away, 6yrs later, you were there to comfort me.

That same year you were diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. We were unable to control it for any real length of time. Yours was not a text book journey. The next two and a half years you had many vet visits, many lab tests, lots of medications and through it all, you always acted just like Kelly, I guess that always gave me a false sense that you were ok. Your last two weeks were your most difficult as were mine, watching you become so frail broke my heart.

I am certain that Max was waiting patiently for you to join him and that the two of you are at peace now in heaven.

I shall always miss you, my little Kelly face.

Sweet dreams from your loving family.