In Memory of Jayden

One week ago today, Jayden lost her battle to cancer. She sure did put up a good fight though! This is the story of her fight…

Jayden was born in November, 2005. I still remember the first time I got to hold her furry self while on Christmas vacation. I was still in the Coast Guard at that time, so she lived with her mom and siblings until I came home in February, 2006. On the drive to our new home, she got carsick and threw up all over my back…lol. I guess that is true bonding ;).

Jayden lived with me and her brother, Jordan, until we all moved in with their “new” daddy, Steve, in January, 2007. Jayden and Jordan instantly bonded with their “new” dad. I think Jayden forgot about all about me the first time Steve gave her cheese. He was always her favorite after that