In Memory of Jasmine

What a sweet girl. You were born in October 1997 and we became your pet parents in 1998. From the day you came to live with us till the day you went home to doggie heaven you brought so much joy, happiness, companionship and love to our family. As a youngster you would always want to play and romp, race through the house with your favorite stuffed carrot, fly around the yard, go with us everywhere we went and not understand why we couldn’t take you everytime. As you started to age you began to appreciate the quieter times like climbing on the top cushions of the couch and snoozing or snuggling with Mom in the recliner. You really liked it when we moved your bed to the livingroom, it was easier for you to get into even though you tried really hard to jump up on the couch the old body was just saying it’s not easy anymore. Before your hearing went bad you loved to listen for the car to pull up and would run to the door to see who was coming in, always with a doggie smile on your face and tail wagging, you would greet whoever it was and then look to see if maybe somebody else was coming in.
You and Mom and I became senior citizens together. Yes, I noticed that grey hair on your head, just like I think you noticed mine. I’ll never understand why you thought 6:30 a.m. was the perfect time to wake up every morning. When we would be at Memas somehow you always knew when the last question on Jeopardy would come on cause you would always stand in front of my chair and stare at me. I knew what you were saying, “it’s time to go home now Dad”. I don’t know how we’re going to keep all the squirrels out of our backyard, that was your job. You sure loved to chase them. In the evenings while watching television you and Mom would share a bag of popcorn. That was one of your favorite snacks.
As your body began to age and the aches and pains became more difficult we knew that the time was drawing near for that decision to be made. A decision that every loving pet parent fears but knows it’s the right thing to do. When you closed your eyes for the last time on 25 June 2011 and went home to doggie heaven the last thing you saw was Mom and Dad holding and loving you.
Little Girl, we miss you so much.
God Bless You
Mom and Dad