In Memory of Janie Evans

Rescued and adopted in 1999 by a family that loved her deeply. She was the beating heart and calming soul in the center of her human brothers, sister, Mom and Dad.

Janie touched our lives and entered our hearts forever. We hold those memories dear.

Her Family

Daddy picked out Janie for himself but she rode home an hour in the car on my lap. She got where she clinged to me all the time. She chose me for whatever reason to be her “trust”. If Janie wanted a treat out of her cabinet she would come up behind me and hit me with her foot in the back of my thigh. Janie loved her Georgia bulldogs and always dressed her best during the season. Janie loved to sleep curled up in bed with either me or Avery at night.

WE MISS HER VERY MUCH and think about her all the time!!!
Love, Mom