In Memory of Jake

July 21, 1996 — January 18, 2008

After 12 years of devoted friendship – Jake will continue his journey at the bridge, as I read this book, here is what made me thing of him today He taught me that to know life’s joy, I must accept life’s pain; that time moves forward and so must we; and that in the end it’s not what we have, but the love we leave behind.

Dear Jake,
Mommy said you went to a very special bridge as the next part of your journey? I was wondering did you made it safe and is it a beautiful as you said? Do you feel better? I really don’t understand Jake and mommy’s face taste like salt. Love Libby

Dear Libby,
Yes, Libby, I made it to the rainbow bridge and its better than I could image, mommy made that trip very special. Friday we had a wonderful day I so loved playing tug with you and chasing the duck in the back yard, the snow was fun the other day was well, I loved taking a quiet walk to Kennesaw and of course McDonald’s was pretty good as well. Libby I feel much better and the good thing when you cross over to the bridge you are no longer sick.

Libby, the salt on mommy’s face is called tears. You will have to figure out what and how to make them go away, that is your job now and I know how proud you will make us all here. But I will tell you most of them are memory tears — and filled 12 years of amazing relationship. I will tell you the story of some of those tears.

If you could image I was a very hyper puppy (hard to image huh) but I was, so Miss Sandra (a very special friend — who by the way was waiting at the bridge for me) anyway she took the golden rescue call and said I have the perfect home for him. So when Leah showed up to get me, I made sure I busted out of the door like a crazy dog and then I got to play with a bunch of training toys and mommy decided I should live with her and hence got the nickname Baby Jake —- I really didn’t care too much about playing with dogs but did I love to be with my mom — which obviously was a good thing not knowing about the journey that laid
before me.

Toys / Cookies / Food — JAKE LOVES COOKIES, JAKE LOVES FOOD – but you know this; don’t ever clean up your toys, mommy really likes to step on bones at 4:30 in the morning — it wakes her up, and when the stuffing and those white beads are all over the house that’s funny too. I liked my steaks rare and straight off the table, loaves of bread should be stolen from the table daily, and if you wait until she turns her back you can get a turkey & cheese sandwich as well. she didn’t seem to think eating socks was a good thing, so maybe you shouldn’t pick that habit up. But I do know here at the bridge they are cookies shaped like socks (LOL)

Showing — Oh Libby — I can tell you for hours about how much fun that journey is going to be for you; if it’s ½ as good as mine — you will have your bag full of colors as well. Just remember green is good! don’t worry Libby as good as I loved to heel with mommy, you have mastered articles and I have seen your fronts — you have learned well my friend. don’t be scared when you head off to Perry in April, the girls and I will be waiting ringside and if mommy gets scared we all can heel along with her — as we have showed there and yes Libby the pink ribbon is mommy’s favorite — I won the Veterans class last April. But the journey is fun my friend, the hotels, the toys, the training and the friends you meet along the way. Listen to Miss Pam and do your homework.

Friends & Family, Libby we have the best. Do you know that mommy has had an animal since she was little? I still haven’t gotten to meet them all yet. But I did see all my kitty friends (yes Libby Kitties are our friends) and immet Magic her horse and yet we both are just fast and furious. I saw all of grand mom & granddad’s dogs, horses and cats as well. Tell them that Chance and I have everything under control — Ok just so they know, Barney and I just can’t stay out of the water and of course Brandy! Tell Aaron Orka has a little boy of her own to play with for now. I think we have made everyone in the family a truly dog person. Yahoo — job well done I would say. And be glad to know that Melissa can throw one hell of a drop signal in case you ever decide to run into the road — FYI don’t do that. Tell Kyle & Andy to make sure Penny & Gunner get cookies every day!

Friends — I will miss them all — They will help mommy with her salty face. Tara, Vail, Elaine, Pat, Pam, Leslie, and Tammi are some very special people. I do think you should make sure you get to visit Elaine and go run on the beach Libby, its very fun. Wait till Elaine sees you shake that booty, she will laugh for sure. Make sure you give Tara and Vail extra kisses this week.

You have a very good daddy as well; you should have been there before; he wanted all these silly rules, dogs in basement (LOL), ok then he said ok dogs in the living room, but not upstairs and as you can see that didn’t last long; no dogs on furniture — so you can thank Goldie for that rule being broken. But I would have to say he is now 100% a dog person and he loves us very much, especially mommy — did you know that at Christmas he went to the dog bakery in a snow storm to get us cookies? And it’s pretty amazing that we have gotten cookies from all
over the US.

Well Libby I could keep writing, but some of the memories are just between mommy and I — it’s our secret tears. I will hear her call my name again, at that time the journey will continue. But for now let her know that I safe, healthy and spending time with all her friends, especially Daisy, Casey & Brandy.

Oh one more thing little sister, SHAKE THAT BOOTY! and tell Bob to keep watching out for the house and mommy as well. Goldie eat you food it makes mommy worry.

Playing at the bridge,

Love Jake, CDX

* Special thanks to Dr. Diana & Dr. Jory Olsen, of Animals First Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Carpenter, Hiram Animal Hospital for being such a important part of Jake’s journey.