In Memory of Ursa Cherry

UrsaTribute1Ursa Cherry’s Tribute (1997 – 2012)

Our perfect little Chakita (Chow/Akita mix) angel.

November 1997, we visited a local Petsmart store to purchase a Christmas gift for a family member’s dauschund. What we found was a beautiful black ball of fur (also known as cotton ball) who stole our hearts.

At the time, we did not have any other doggies so we had to buy a lot of supplies at Petsmart the same day we found Ursa or I should say she found us. We were not sure what our little Angel thought was happening to her but she started to cry (beautiful little tears running down her face).

We were so worried about her, the first few days she would not eat, drink or walk around. Then one night we woke up to see Ursa walking around, we were so excited – progress!

It took a while to gain Ursa’s trust but once we did what a TREASTURE we found.

This sweet little girl blessed us with so many gifts and priceless memories:

-Ursa purred/chattered when she was excited or happy (the Vet said he never heard anything like this from a dog). It was the best sound ever!

– Ursa was our licky licky queen. She gave us so many kisses.

– Ursa liked to walk behind us and goose us. She really was a funny little girl.

– Ursa always looked out for her brother and sisters by watching & protecting them while they were outside and being the last one in every time.

-She was our gentle giant that loved her mother.

-She looked like a little bear.

-Ursa was also a squeaky killer. Every time we gave her a squeaky toy she would squeeze it until it was dead.

-She would walk behind us and breathe hard, almost like she was trying to set us on fire like a dragon.

-Ursa was mostly black but in the fall she would always get a tint of red in her hair. We use to joke it was going to be a bad winter.

We thought after loosing our first baby the pain wouldn’t be as bad. We were wrong. Losing a baby whether it’s the first, second, third is heart breaking. We know now that you definitely loose a piece of yourself each time it happens but is a burden that we will continue endure because these sweet angels are worth it!

We love you sweet wonderful Ursa! Thank you for letting us love you.

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