In Memory of Trudy

aaaaWhen we picked you up from the shelter you were so scared. You were shaking like a leaf. They said you had been severely neglected, so I was going to make up for that by spoiling you rotten with my love. I remember the first time I came home from being gone for a long period, (it was about two weeks after I picked you up from the shelter) and you wagged your tail and jumped around like crazy when I came in, I had never seen you so active!!! It was a wonderful sight because you really didn’t get excited over anything in the first two weeks. I knew right then that you had begun to feel the love a dog has for its owner, its best friend, and from then on you stayed attached to me at the ankle, you were there with me through the good days and the bad. I know we were only in each others lives for a short time, but I feel like the time we did have made up for all of the years you didn’t have someone to love you. We nurtured you back to health, back to a sweet, loving, vibrant puppy who just wanted to love and be loved (and get a belly rub if possible). I find comfort in the fact that you were able to know what it was like to be happy and loved for the last months of your life. You are free now, and I know when I see you again you will be wagging and jumping around like you’re crazy!! I love you SO much Trudy!!
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