In Memory of Tomas Bell

DSC00818Tomas, a very patient, brave, respectful and cool cat. Tomas was to be a play mate for our Eddy. He became very close to our female cat Quincie and Quincie was the play mate for Eddy.
When ever Eddy got to rough with Quincie and she would squeal, Tomas would saunter over to where they were, assess the situation and push Eddy off of her it warranted his intervention. You could see that Tomas and Quincie developed a close relationship through the years inspite of their first meeting. Tomas had FIV, and much like its human HIV, it is a horrible, mean disease. He was perfectly fine for the first few years with us and then developed Stomatitis resulting in trying various treatments until we had to have all of his teeth removed and utilizing an oral interferon imported from across the great pond to at least make him comfortable. His patience, bravery in dealing with the pain that must have been a constant in the rest of his years with us is to be admired.
His story before we got him is inspiring and shows his sweetness and patience and bravery: He and two other kitties (a female and a kitten) made their way to the back yard of a lady who was the mother in law of an internal medicine vet. She couldn’t let them in because she had two other cats, but the son in law and his wife helped to create a shelter to get them out of the cold and keep them warm that very cold winter. They noticed that Tomas would wait for the female and kitten to eat before he would eat. The 3 stayed together, but as the months went by the female kitty got ran over and then the kitten too. They feared Tomas (then called Big Tom) would have the same fate and decided he needed a home. He was taken to the vet practice until a home could be found. Soon, after the loss of two our cats during that summer and adopting Eddy, Ingrid at our vet suggested I consider adopting Tom. I drove to Tucker with a carrier, met Tom and heard all good things about him and how much they, the staff would miss him, that he was very sweet. He went home with me.
Tom then became Tomas. He was tall, a little gangly and not too graceful when he played. He would plop himself on me, draping himself across me, back feet always on the couch or bed. He was my breakfast buddy, and later my any meal time buddy. Tomas and Eddy would sit together by the dining room window checking out the animal and bird activity during the day, soaking in the sun. Sometimes it would be all 3.
Tomas was so brave dealing with the progression of his illness, the way that it manifested itself. He hung out on the screened porch in the sun or in my lap. That last morning he struggled to come get me. Quincie sat close to him…I even found Eddy next to him at one point…. they knew. That was my sign that he wouldn’t be able to rally this time and that we needed to say goodbye.
DSC00834 DSC00894 DSC00914 DSC01088 Tomas 121