In Memory of Tex Teddy Pitts

My-Precious-TexTo our precious Tex Teddy Pitts:
May 2001–September 28/2015 10:43 a.m.
We have loved you from the day we meet you, and you was just almost four weeks old. Mommy put you on her purse and we traveled home. You filled our lives with joy. We watched you grow, you love to play, and you became our companion, our confident, mommy cried when you ran away one night and back the next morning and you looked at her like apologizing for making her cry. We traveled together and you enjoyed walking by the beach.
While mommy worked you was going to the doggie day care, and mommy enjoyed watching you in the doggie camera, until it was time to go and pick you up. What a happy times, you, daddy, and mommy. We will always treasure those times. As we grew older we enjoyed walking at the park and sat in the bench and just looked children playing and others running.
However time does not stop and we all grow older, and so you did. Your precious and small body started hurting; you become week and suffering horrible seizures. We held you as much as we could, but today because we love you we are no longer want to see you hurting and suffering. As much as we wanted to hold on you; we realize it is time and we need to let you go. Your body is no longer suffering, or hurting. Now you can go and be free and do the things you always love to do, mommy and daddy will miss you, but one day we will be reunited again because we love you so much.