In Memory of Tanner “Hoss” Edwards

Kirk-and-Landen-cool-dudes-4Tanner “Hoss” Edwards

Born: 05/06/06 Died: 07/04/13

Tanner was our Guardian Angel.
This was a very special dog.
He was the last to be picked in his litter because of his size. The breeders named him “Hoss” for this reason. We knew right off when we called, that he was meant to live with our family.
He was gentle to children, kind to our friends, and a protector to his family from strangers.
He was a brother to Kirkland and Landen as they grew up and he loved his daily walks with Sheila.
He thrived when playing in the front yard with the tennis ball and the Frisbee game with the boys and Trace.
His favorite times were eating his treats and sitting on the stairs and looking out the windows.
He was a special old soul who just seemed to “know”. It was indescribable.
An extraordinary animal sent to us from God.
We will miss him terribly and we will all never forget his amazing spirit.