In Memory of Tank

183814_210354805683686_5696399_n1Tank was a fun loving, toy eating, drinking out of the toilet, behaved badly in public around other dogs, crushed you with his Big feet,great with little kids,loved to eat the kitchen broom, and had the worse Gas ever…but most of all he loved us and protected us always. Since we had our two little boys and with long hours at the office we all didn’t give him as much attention as we use to before the boys. He was with us at the most special moments in our life and he loved my little boys. I wish I could do it all over again and let him know every day how much we loved him and appreciated him. There isn’t a picture of my boys with out Tank in it somewhere. He was larger than life and had so much love to give. He was a big kid who never listened to a word we said but would always be at the front door waiting for us and then wouldn’t move so we could open it There wasn’t ever a time that I would be walking around the house doing something that Tank would be right in the way of our path and then it happened every time..we would trip right over him. I miss him so much, all his little sounds, running through the house chasing the boys and not looking straight ahead and then would run right into the wall.. He was the best .. our big boy.. I never knew how much we needed him …. He was taken too soon from us…. RIP. TANK ALLEN. 12.05.12
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