In Memory of Sunshine Alexandra “Sunny”

DSC0361Sunny was born in November 2003 and adopted in February 2014. Her litter and her father were rescued by police at a dog fight bust. When we went to adopt our second dog, we had no intention of getting a puppy and had not considered a pit bull. Our dog KC picked out this little golden puppy with beautiful golden eyes. We didn’t care that she was a “purebred red nose pit bull.” We also knew nothing about parenting a pit bull.

Sunny was what I now think of as a “typical pit bull.” She had the prey drive of a feisty terrier and loved to swim. She could play tug for hours. She loved toys of all kinds. She didn’t always get along with other dogs, especially if they gave her any trouble. But she loved meeting people, going out on the town, and playing dress-up. She was her mommy’s “Mini Me” and just wanted to be around me all the time.

Because of Sunny’s rescue situation, I was motivated to do something to help other “Sunnys.” I got involved in pit bull rescue and in 2009 I founded Atlanta Pit Bull Parents to help other people learn how to be more responsible pit bull owners and share our love of our dogs. I also had leadership roles in other rescue and advocacy organizations motivated by my love for this amazing dog. Sunny and I were selected to be in the Pinups For Pit Bulls calendar in 2016. Sunny also appeared in the Pretty N’ Pit calendar.

Sunny was the inspiration for everything I did in animal welfare and pit bull advocacy and I think she is responsible for improving or saving the lives of countless dogs.
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