In Memory of Spitfire


FB_IMG_1460003104453Spitfire was named after her firey attitude. She came to our family from our Memomma and she took a loving towards myself and my sister. We quickly found out she feared thunderstorms and the dark and it was then that we set out to adopt another parakeet to keep her company. That’s when her cagemate, Smooze, came into the picture. Since that day in early April, Smooze and Spitfire have been the best of buddies. They took care of each other, took baths together, etc. Where one was, the other was.
When Spitfire passed, Smooze happened to be there and I knew he was upset. But it was something that I expected to happen. I knew they were older birds and I knew I could wake up to find them both gone. I am happy that I got to spend almost a year with Spitfire and that her last year was happy and with Smooze.
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