In Memory of Sophie

aSophie was born on December 17, 2004. I used to walk my other dogs through the neighborhood and pass by the house she lived as a puppy. I’ll never forget her barking and dragging the dog she lived with at the time, the first Shamrock, around by the collar. She was an ornery little thing to be sure! As luck would have it, the family she was living with needed to find a good home for her and, since they always saw me with the other dogs, I was first on their list!

In February 2005, Sophie came to live with us and our rottweiler, Maggie. She was always loyal, protective, and a true friend! Together, we put thousands of miles under her paws and my feet. We walked anywhere and everywhere together!

We will never forget Sophie’s soft ears, how much she loved her green Christmas blanket, her white tipped paws, and how having that spot behind her ears scratched made her leg go! She loved climbing on the couch and even the bed whenever the opportunity presented itself; de-squeaked squeaky toys in seconds, ate remotes, cell phones… almost anything that was electronic and cost hundreds of dollars; she wasn’t fond of the lawn tractor and ran around the yard barking at it – but somehow was ok with my loud, hack guitar playing. But for all that barking she never quite got her big dog bark…it was more of a yodel actually! In fact there’s at least one video on YouTube of Sophie performing a harmonica accompaniment!

Sophie liked to tag along with whoever was home and was very adamant about when it was time to eat – she was our constant shadow! She loved being in the water; rides together in the truck and my Jeep; and spent lots of time as a puppy hiding under the deck to keep us from leaving for work or going anywhere without her. She loved her trips to Panama City Beach and Gatlinburg; spending every 4th of July under the fireworks at Lake Arrowhead; and opening Christmas gifts with us, immediately stealing the other dogs’ gifts, hovering over them, and daring them to try and take them back. On trips to PetSmart, or anywhere, everyone always stopped to tell us how pretty she was – they’d never seen a black boxer before!

In November 2008, she helped us pick out a tiny little puppy named Bindi who grew to be at least twice her size, became her best friend, and slept next to her every night! Sophie also accepted and adopted a scrappy little boxer dog named Shamrock in July 2011 who she loved, but occasionally had to boss around. She loved walking with my wife and me while I took the twins, Bindi and Shamrock, out ahead. Sophie was even on the old dock at Lake Arrowhead as a special guest during our wedding rehearsal in May 2013!

As she got older, distinguished, white hair started to find its way to Sophie’s once jet black muzzle. We started calling her ‘Salt and Pepper’! Her gate slowed but not her big, loving heart! She was still the alpha dog, the leader of her pack of three right up until the end. She was truly one of a kind and had a personality all her own!

On October 20, 2015, she left behind a loving family, two boxer dogs who loved her and will miss her very much, and a kitty cat she met later in life. Sophie lived to be almost 11 years old and was loved and gave love every minute of it! We’ll never forget the joy she brought into our lives and our hearts. We truly believe this isn’t an end… It’s a new beginning and in our hearts we know we’ll meet Sophie again some sunny day!
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