In Memory of Solomon

s12Solomon fought hard through some tough issues and was upbeat all the way. He loved his 4 dads but his heart was always meant for Daryl whom he was the closest to as was Daryl close to him.

Solomon was picky yet easy going. When he did not want to do something he gave the funniest “are you kidding me?” looks I have ever seen, then would grudgingly go along with it as if to simply humor us.

He was with us for 12 years and saw many changes in us, yet he stayed true as we knew he would. He lost his brother Rolf several years ago and he was a big help to us during that time. In his latter years he spent time between three homes and two families but I think he loved the mountains with Daryl and Rick the most.

Up at the cabin (Dancing Embers) he relaxed, took in the woods, and meandered his way along the trails and roads at his own pace. Perhaps he knew his time was near, but I know he felt at one with the world up there.

We all will miss you so much, especially Daryl. Look down on us from up there and send Rolf our love.

Daryl & Rick, Tux and Roston, Doug & Stephen

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