In Memory of Snippet

Snippet-in-grassWe got Snippet when he was 8 weeks old, just a puppy. One look at that worried little face and we were lost. My daughter and I both wanted him immediately. He was so beautiful and smart! My daughter named him because “he has a snippet of brown, a snippet of black, and a snippet of white” fur. She commented that he had a snowman on his back – that’s what it looked like! He won $100 from Planet’s funniest animals from a video we sent them where he was filmed jumping up and down and barking at a video of himself jumping up and down barking at animals on TV! He was also a big scaredy-cat, afraid of even flies! He kept that worried look he had when he was just a puppy until he was 15 years old. He would run and hide if a fly got in the house! He would cry and cry if something was in the way and he didn’t have a clear path – most dogs would just jump over or push past, but not Snippet. If we were threatened, though, he was as brave as you could wish for – he would never let anyone hurt us, even if he had to fight a big animal like a deer – he wasn’t afraid then! Our nicknames for him were Snipper, Snippety-doo-dah, Snipperoo, and Snipperdoodle. My favorite memories are playing catch with him – (he would wrap a soft frisbee around a ball and bring me both!) or with him cuddled up in the crook of my legs asleep, his chin on my leg. I loved that. I miss him so much. I have a place in my back yard where he used to lie in the monkey grass to cool off – that is his spot. I have a big white rock there now to mark his place. Bye bye, my Snipperdoodle, I love you so much. Dream happy dreams until I see you again!
Baby-Snippet-with-chicken Baby-Snippet-with-stick Baby-Snippet da-mutt DonnaSnippet My-old-guy-sleeping Snippet-Planets-Funniest-Animals ValSnippet