In Memory of Shana

When we adopted Shana she was a kitten. She was in our family for 15 years . She was my best friend, when i was hurting, physically or mentally, she would come to me and sit there or lay with me. She also would follow me around the house sometimes like a puppy and not a kitty! About 1 1/2 years ago, she got sick and went from 17 lbs.! to ~ 5lbs. They advised us to “put her to sleep” as she had liver failure and jaundice and other issues, but we decided to try to nurse her at home. We had to give her IV fluids every night, and meds, and she started to improve some. She also began to eat more…I used to joke that she had dementia as she would eat some, walk around the island and go back to her dish and eat again like “Oh look , food!”! Or she would sit in her bed for a few minutes and then sit by her bowl and meow till she was fed more and again!!…I did spoil her the last year of her life with sardines and tuna a couple times a week in addition to her other food! I also would carry her around doing house things the last few months as she would seem to want to be held more than she ever wanted to be. She had difficulty cleaning herself so we tried the best we could to keep her clean. The last few weeks, she had trouble walking straight and looked like a drunken sailor! She died in my arms Oct. 5th on a sunday night at 11:30pm. I cried so much and so hard, more than when family members died! My husband a and i gently placed her in her little bed and slept on the couch so she wouldn’t be alone… The next morning we brought her to dreamland and they were very nice and respectful. The love she gave, just being in my life was worth all the tuna in the world ! I have 2 grown sons now , so she was my “little furry girl” . My heart is still aching and I will love and miss her for the rest of my life…it’s been 2 weeks and i still look for her when i get up and come in the house…I pray i see her again when its my time to go…Thank you my Shay for letting me love you…Lisa Casey