In Memory of Sebastion

image3I got my baby boy at 6 weeks old. When he was 6 years old I decided to get my CDL License. From that point on he traveled with me and got to see all 48 states! He was never “just a cat”. He was my best friend and guardian angel. He protected me from harms way while on the big road. He was a one of a kind! In 2012 I decide to get a local job where we would both be home. At the end of 2013 my partner wanted to go back over the road and I was so against it and I talked to sebastion about it. 2 weeks later I was back on the road, sebastion right by my side. 1 month later he started to get sick and found out he had oral cancer and sadly passed away 3 months after going back over the road. It was like he wanted to see the county just one more time while healthy. You will never be forgotten. RIP my sweet prince. 04/2000 – 02/2014
Thank you dreamland for the great care you gave him, he deserved the best and that’s exactly what he got.