In Memory of Schmuckey (aka Molly Mouse) 1996-2013

385902_10200852705178919_1791788892_nMolly Mouse aka “Schmuckey” 1996-2013

My best friend Robyn gave you to me on my birthday in 1996. I named you after the character named Molly Mouse in the movie Armageddon. You were one of the last two kittens left from Olivia’s litter and no one really wanted the “speckled” kittens. You were so small at 5 weeks old that you fit in the palm of my hand, but it was love at first sight. You sat in my lap all evening, and snuggled in my hair, purring up a storm. Your unique cooing purr is what endeared you to me right away. I would stand you up on my legs and you would collapse over on your side, making me laugh out loud! I brought you home and you worked your way into my heart in so quickly. As you grew, you discovered that if you let Tiff dress you up in doll clothes, you would get a treat of Blow-pop suckers. I’ve never had a cat that would go crazy over a sour sucker like you did. You would race through the house making your turtledove sound whenever you wanted attention. Whatever room of the house I was in, that’s where you were – you just needed to be within a couple of feet of me at all times. I marvel to this day how you could be completely entertained by a shoebox, and fit yourself so neatly inside even the skinniest kid’s shoebox. Your beautiful gray speckled fur, also referred to as tortoise shell, was so very soft and dense and you always had to be touching me, snuggling as close to me as you could get. I think I miss that the most. You went through all tough times right by my side. You and I moved into that apartment in 2001 – just you and me. Every time I felt sorry for myself and let tears take over, you would nip me on my nose as if to say “that’s enough! We’ve got this.” For such a little cat, you were pretty darn scrappy. You didn’t mind friends or family coming to visit and bringing their pups…you very quickly showed them who was boss! When I met your dad (who renamed you Schmuckey), you would have nothing to do with him and when we got married and moved to Cartersville in the big house, you hated him and ran from him for a solid month until one day he captured you and held you until you realized he was your friend. We have so many references to you for things we do in everyday life: Schmuckey naps, Schmuckey snacks, Schmuckey cheese (your favorite) and my favorite: Schmuckey-time. I’ve lost count of how many times the vet sent you home in the cat-carrier with the leash still looped around your neck because you gave them such a hard time and it was just easier to let you have the leash. Poor Dr. White, he put up with your attitude and saved your life at age 13 when we almost lost you to Feline Diabetes. Two insulin shots a day for 4 years. Without your dad, I would have lost you then, and I’m so grateful to have had these extra 4 years with you. For 4 years, you ate every 3 hours, patiently sitting at my feet until I could stop and feed you. I miss your sweet purr, my little snuggle-cat. Dad misses you poking him for food at 6 am (even on weekends). Life at Schmuckey-ville will never be the same. We love you and miss you, sweet precious Schmuckey.
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