In Memory of Sanford

DSC_0170Sanford came into my life just a few short months after I lost my golden/yellow lab Delilah in 2006. I wasn’t really ready for a dog but when I saw his big brown eyes and his “eyebrows”…I knew he was for me. Sanford was already 5 years old when I met him and I was concerned about taking in a somewhat older dog but I was so wrong. He was extremely active, loved balls, and furry toys. I don’t know why I kept buying them for him because within minutes he was performing a delicate lobotomy on the toy. Sanford lived to age 14 but by looks he didn’t seem to be an older dog. But age crept up on him with physical ailments and symptoms too severe to live a life with dignity. As I laid on the floor next to him as he took his final breath I told him how much I loved him and it was okay to leave me, Today I took my other dog Casey for a walk in the woods and wished Sanford was there with us. I remembered how he loved to hike the trails with me and go for rides in the car with his head out the window. So today Casey and I missed him but paid a special tribute to him as we meandered through the woods.