In Memory of Sally Johnson

IMG_1266Sally was a Blue Tick Beagle; we got her after a very persistent campaign from our daughter, Sara for a beagle puppy. We finally found one, the only one we could find in the Atlanta area at the time, and she came to live with us just before Christmas in 2000. She was under nourished and had just about every parasite known, but after a trip to the vet, and a few weeks of love and care she was happy, healthy, and knew she’d hit “pay dirt”! She quickly learned how to let us know what and when she needed anything, and she usually got it! Sally even had a custom made bed just for her so she could burrow under the covers like she liked to do. She slept right next to our bed snoring as loud, if not louder than my husband. Sally got a sister, Dixie (a mixed breed rescue from our other daughter at college) a few years later and they became fast friends. I think Dixie misses her as much as we do. We were lucky enough to have Sally for almost 13 ½ yrs. She never spent one night away from home unless she was with us. We even took them to the beach last year, we wanted her to see the ocean and walk in sand before she died. She loved being there. We are thankful that she died peacefully in that custom made bed at home where she loved us and we loved her. It’s mighty quite here without her, but in time I guess it’ll get easier. Rest peacefully baby dog.
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