In Memory of Sabre

Sabre-snowOur wonderful 14 year old Sabre is in his next life. And this house is very empty. He was such a great watchdog for Mom while Dad was away so much for work. An eager and loving companion, we took him wherever we went.

The mind was as sharp as ever, but the body grew old. Sabre, we knew you were hurting, and hope you can thank us from afar for ending that. We’ll join you later, and all run the beaches and the trails again, with youthful abandon, and free of pain. The best is yet to come. We love you so much.

Abby & Dave – Mom & Dad

Our thanks to Dr Jeff Shell and crew at the Butler Creek Animal Hospital, Acworth, for their care and compassion in alleviating Sabre’s discomfort and extending his time with us.
Posing-Pup Icecube Mom-Sabre Sabre-beach-run Boozehound Pooltime Sabre-in-Creek