In Memory of Rusty

Rusty was 18 years old when he passed away by being euthanized at a emergency pet clinic on November 30 2012. We knew Rusty was in trouble but we were hoping for the best anyway. We did not want to lose him, but; time had run out for our BIG BOY CAT!
Even though he was a strong cat, he had a long history with diabetes.He was treated for diabetes for 10 years which is difficult to manage in cats. Additionally, over the last several months he was diagnosed with very high blood pressure, early kidney disease, heart disease, glaucoma and several other right eye issues.
My husband and I took our sweet Rusty from one specialist to another in hopes of prolonging his life for another year or so. Naturally, we did not want Rusty to experience discomfort for any length of time, this was the number one priority!
Considering all the medical issues Rusty faced when he was young and old, he definitely used up his 9 lives. He certainly was a trooper when dealing with several different injuries and illnesses over his lifetime, especially the past 6 months.
Our handsome cat (aka: Rustoleum, Rust-O, Rustman,Big Lug, Lug Nut, Lion King and Big Red) brought nothing but joy to us. The first word that comes to mind in describing him is that he was such a MUSH. He was very laid back and very gentle. He was very cooperative whether we were giving him pills or insulin shots (2x/each day). He was definitely a Doctor’s dream, as several veterinarian’s told us.
Rusty was very intelligent and even learned how to walk with a leash. He spent many years outdoors roaming around and always returning home to eat and sleep. We never let him out after dark, but there were times when he met up with a cat friend and they would wrestle/play and run all over the neighborhood. There were many times when my husband and I would stay up to the wee hours of the morning until he returned. Not long after his many late night jaunts we trained him to walk with a leash for his own safety as well as our own peace of mind. We walked him a few times a day and that seemed to satisfy him. We were surprised that Rusty adjusted to the leash so quickly since he was a stray to begin with. The first time we saw Rusty he jumped on to our front stoop and let out a loud cry! We did not adopt him that day because we did not know how he would get along with our other cat, Daisy( THE QUEEN OF THE HOUSE)! So, every night, after returning from work, there was beautiful Rusty laying on our front stoop. He greeted us the same way several nights in a row. We knew now that he would join the family. He was about 1-2 years old and appeared to be healthy. Eventually both cats adjusted to the situation and all was well!
Needless to say, we miss our Rusty so much and so does our other cat Sassy! Sassy was Rusty’s shadow. Wherever Rusty went, Sassy was right alongside of him. We hope and pray that our only cat can adjust to the void that we all feel.
We will never forget our Big Boy Cat! He was and is THE BEST OF THE BEST! SLEEP WELL SWEET RUSTY! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
From your pet parents,
Denise & Joe