In Memory of Rudy


I feel empty and lost without you. Coming home was the worst. I didn’t hear the thump when you jump off the bed and coming running downstairs to greet us. It was heart wrenching. I keep looking at the dog bed as I write this, hoping it’s just a bad dream. How can my boy of 11 years be gone? You weren’t a dog. You were my 1st born, the love of my life, my best friend! And now I’m just left with pictures and memories of what was. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow when the boys get home from school to find you’re not there. Miles and Eddie adore you. You were always there to hug, kiss, play, and eat their scraps! You were a great brother!

Do you remember your 1st Christmas? You were so little! You slept through Christmas dinner with 20+ people! That quickly changed! Once we got the boat, we knew you were a water nut! You used to fly down the dock and leap onto the boat, ready to bite at the wind! We couldn’t pull up to an island quick enough! You wanted in that water in the worst way! We took you everywhere! And you came willingly, with a toy in your mouth! You loved your squeaky toys, often falling asleep with them in your mouth!

Everyone loved you, especially Sunshine and Duchess. The 3 of you were inseparable. Do you remember the time when Duchess tried to pull you out of the pool by the scruff of your neck? She always thought of you as her baby. I feel better knowing that they are there to greet you. I know Lexi and Bobcat are going to miss you too. Nothing will be the same without you. The house is so quiet right now. Oh how I long for your snoring!

Making the decision today, to let you go, was the hardest thing I have been through. But I knew what I had to do and I know that you’re in a better place, a pain free place. Just know that you will always be in my heart! You will be my boy forever! My Ruda Buda! I know I will see you again, so until then, I sent a few toys with you so you can play in the pool. Please give the girls a big hug and kiss from us!

Please know I will be thinking of you every day. You will be forever missed!

Love always and forever,

Mommy (Daddy & Miles too)

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