In Memory of Quinn

Quinn-1Quinn was a special dog since he was the first collie that I got. In fact, it was the first dog that I bought from a breeder. Quinn was from a breeder in Illinois and I flew up to her home and picked him up. When the breeder opened the door to the crate and he came out, I was amazed how beautiful he was and also, big. Quinn was meant to be a show dog, but had one tooth that was not quite right so, he became my pet.

When I put Quinn in my rented SUV to drive from Illinois to Georgia, I was amazed how quiet he was since I would have to keep looking in the rear mirror to make sure he was still there. Also, since the drive from Illinois to Georgia was so long, I had to stay at a Motel 6 (they allow dogs) and was again, amazed how good he was. He was very quiet and slept all night by one of the beds in the room.

Once I got Quinn home, he was well trained and was never really a problem. In fact, he was so big I had to hire a dog trainer so I could walk him alone – he was very strong. However, it only took one time for the dog trainer to get him to walk with me.

After Quinn, I bought two more collies since I liked the breed so much. I was surprised how all three of my collies got along so well – no fights. I use to take all three collies to the park near my house and walked them almost every day. Quinn really enjoyed the park and playing with the other two dogs.

As Quinn grew older, he started having problems with his hips. I give him the appropriate medication, which helped for some time however, eventually I could not take him to the park anymore. Additionally, he could not climb the stairs in my house to the second floor. He really enjoyed coming to the second floor and hanging out with me. Out of my three dogs, I believe Quinn loved me the most. He was always checking up on me to make sure I was alright.

Within the last six months, Quinn had been having more difficulty walking and started having stomach problems. Any medication that he used to take for some of his ailments made him throw up. So in turn, I did not give him any more over the counter and prescribed medications. Also, sometimes he could walk and sometimes not. It seemed that when he could not walk, he would stand up and start again within a day. However, towards the end, he could not stand up anymore. I knew it was time that he went to the Rainbow Bridge since he was suffering so much. I will always miss Quinn since he made me understand how special dogs really are and how much they can add to one’s life.

Quinn, goodbye and will see you when I come to heaven. For now, you can be with Oliver (my collie who died of cancer in 2010) and my parents. They will take good care of you until I arrive!!
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