In Memory of Quinn Whitacre-Cory

130026560752506422DR. MIKALA FRANCIS-KAY QUINN (QUINN) May 17, 1997 through Sept
27, 2012

Quinn was born blue and gold on May 17, 1997. We got her 8 weeks later. Her ancestors were show dogs. So you can imagine her proud head up and tail up walk. She pranced beautifully. We had always heard that Yorkies were hard to potty train, so we made it a goal to work really hard at this. Sure enough she was our potty champ right to the very end. She only had an accident if she were ill. She was not so much of a lap Yorkie as Muffin. She had energy beyond measure. How could one little 3 and ¼ pounds be so tough! She was extremely friendly, and loved all especially kids, but she did not want them to pick her up. She was a busy body and had to be on the move. She loved for you to play with her. She used to knock the soft soccer ball with her nose. Stephan would throw it and she would knock it back with her nose and bark each time.
She loved to chase Stephan’s small battery operated mustang all over the house. There was not a sweeter dog. She was a well dog most of her entire life. Last winter she had a bad nasal infection, then later had her teeth cleaned, couldn’t seem to get over everything. Then we went to Dr. White and she did some alternative stuff including probiotics. Quinn went on a home-made diet , and in a while she snapped back and acted like her puppy days, including barking for our food and some big walks. Early in Sept. she started loosing interest in her food again. Since we had a few menus to choose from, we tried another. Didn’t work. She would have a few bites and walk away. She seemed interested and would come in the kitchen and look around. It got to the point we would offer her most anything. She hardly would take. Started force tube feeding in order to get meds down and something in her. Dr. found black tumor in back of her mouth. She would not eat but her little belly was rounded. She seemed very uncomfortable the night of her death, but she still managed to turn that little gorgeous face and kiss me bye. I believe she knew this was it. She passed on to doggie heaven in her sleep. She was a delight and we shall surely experience a loneliness without her. Already do, terribly, but thank our good God for the 15 plus years with her. She was a Queen.

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