In Memory of Quincy

quince-cuteMy Quince….he was quite the handful when he was younger. He was 2 when we adopted him for Mother. He was very nervous and ate the corners out of every cushion in her house, not to mention anything else he could get his mouth on….including people. I took him to obedience school and he had just finished beginner when she died. He became my boy then. I used to have a lot of parties…Q was infamous for going to everybody, sitting on his hind legs and begging. He was so cute, nobody could say no. His most charming trait was once you were in my house, you were not allowed to leave. He would bite anybody that tried to go out the door! This was the start of more obedience. We did intermediate a couple of times, advanced, Canine Good Citizen (in case he bit somebody), several agility (to build his confidence), Growl (for aggressive dogs), and tricks (he mastered dead dog except for peeking to see where his treat was). Even with all this, he never got over people leaving. In all the time I had him, there was only one person he approved of whole heartedly that was allowed to touch me in his presence. He was my heart and soul. He will be greatly missed, but he is in heaven now giving Mother lots of doggie kisses.
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