In Memory of Princess

p3Princess Pom-Poo-Chi
Nov 1, 1998 – June 25 , 2016
Princess came to me through my daughter when she was just 6 weeks old . She was originally rescued from a puppy mill , and a hoarder situation . The woman had had over 200 dogs , cats and birds and one squirrel . Most all of her dogs were inbred , including Prinny , but she managed to not be effected by any genetic wrong-doing . She lived more than 16 yrs longer than any other dog the woman had sold or given up , she was truly a miracle for me and I know I was loved beyond all compare , unconditionally . She was more than just a companion to me , she was my child , my family , God’s gift to me for 17 yrs and 7 months . She battled multiple mammory tumors , blindness , and congestive heart failure , in the end she was having seizures . She was tired but she fought a battle that I know I couldn’t have . She left this world at 12:01 PM June 25th , and from the moment we got to the vets office , she kissed and cuddled me , and when she drew her last breathe I was there to hold her in my arms whispering ” I love you ” She went peacefully , and softly , crossing the rainbow bridge to be with her family and friends , awaiting me when it’s my time .
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