In Memory of Murphy

IMG_0001Murphy was the sweetest soul that we ever knew. She was always friendly to whoever she met and was there with that smile and a wag of her uncontrollable tail.
She came in with the millennium and we helped in her rescue. Keeping her was one of the best decisions we ever made. She loved her Frisbee and would run like the wind to always catch it. We would like to think that she is still running after it again somewhere. Her favorite toy was Froggie who we are glad to say will always be with her.
She loved to play with her older sister Lucky and tolerated her younger brother Baxter. She was always there for us in the good times and bad. She supported us when we lost Lucky. And she tolerated Baxter, but at the end she was happy that she had him to guide her around.
Our lives are better for her being in them. We miss her very much but she will always be in our hearts and our thoughts. We love you, Murphy
Chis, Pam and Baxter McSpadden
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