In Memory of Murphy Our Angel 2006-2014

Murp-8Murphy was the stolen dog, he came into our life just like all our dogs, unplanned and unwanted. He was roaming the streets and his previous owners did not want a felony charge, so we kept him. A year later we acquired a human child from Child Services, Murphy felt his baby was threatened by a worker from Child Services, so he jumped a baby gate and she was out to door. He was a sweet, but protective baby, at 110lbs he was intimidating to most, but he was our lap dog. On August 13, the baby that would open up a trash can with his paw to get food out, would not eat. A trip to the vet told us nothing, other than it sounds like a stomach ache, on August 23, he was diagnosed as having Lymphoma and it was in his liver and spleen. There is no cure for this horrible disease, so we went to the specialist on August 25. The specialist was the most ethical vet I have ever met, she could have taken the savings account and charge up all the plastic, but she didn’t. He could not eat, so he could not take Prednisone, he was so weak the first round of Chemo would have killed him. The thought of our son dying alone or with strangers was not acceptable. So, we made the decision to help him cross to the bridge. Surrounded by his human brother, his daddy, and his mommy, he died in our arms at 5pm on August 25, 2014. We love him and we miss him so much. Thank you for the seven years of being the most loyal and loving child anyone could ask for. To some he was just a dog, to us he was our son and brother. I hope you flew fast and our doing the horsey dance for St. Francis, because you were our angel on earth and now you are waiting on us. We love you….
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