In Memory of Muffin Whitacre-Cory

130026559768121600Muffin came to us by way of adoption July 4, 1999. We were not looking, but there she was looking so pitiful and sad. We were interviewed and passed as parents for Muffin. She was supposedly 5 years old and she weighed 3 1/2 pounds. We had her only a short time before discovering she had Epilepsy. Our Veterinarian put her on Phenobarbital and she stayed on a very low dose up until the last 5 years of her life. It pretty well took care of the problem. Other families had taken her back because of it. (Their loss, our gain) My sister gave us a doggie alarm clock to set for Mufffin’s Pheno 2 times a day. She became so accustomed to it that when it would alarm, she came running. She would run around and jump into the highest spot to sit–top of back of sofa. She loved to eat. Quickly became my little shadow—wherever I was in the house, she was there. She and our 4th dog whom we still have(Dipper), would literally wrestle and play. It was quite entertaining to watch them. One time Stephan took her out in the rain to potty and he sang to her the song–Singing in the Rain. She liked it so much that when he stopped singing she barked at him. He would sing more and she would not bark. This went on for a period of time. I laughed until I had tears–no joke. She was a funny one. She was afraid of thunder and once stepped into the kitchen cabinet as door was open during a storm Door got shut somehow with her inside cabinet. We could not find her for probably 15-25 minutes. Can you imagine!? We thought maybe Jesus came back and all of us were left behind except Muffin or at least we teased about it. It was Hilarious when we did find her. As the years passed, somewhere along the way Muffin lost her hearing and her sight became very diminished. She could see light, but we had to baby proof the stairs etc. She became a feeble little girl but never stopped. Being blind and deaf, she would still walk all over the house. She was quite the trooper with a lot of determination. She ate right up until her death. She had heart disease and renal insufficiency and was on a home-made Dr. recommended diet. In late June one night something happen to Muffin and she was never the same. Now it became a doggie Hospice situation and we really looked after her and did all we could As long as she ate and did not seem to have pain, we continued her meds and nursing. I prayed God would take her in her sleep. He did not, but He did show me when it was time. After two nights of what I really thought was cries of pain, we knew it was time to kiss her good-bye. Muffin was a very loving and kissing baby—-lap dog in the truest sense of the word. We miss her but thank God we were fortunate enough to adopt her and give her the best of our love. She went to doggie Heaven July 31, 2012
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