In Memory of Montey

10368889_10201146086334726_8843715402898917362_oMontey was born in Leesburg, Georgia around Thanksgiving 2002 as a stray. One of his sisters Precious is half his size and all tan. The day before I got Montey, some of his siblings broke out of their pen and drowned so I was glad I was able to rescue him and he was such a sweetheart his whole life. The only time he would act mean was if he was sleeping and you tried to move him. He enjoyed getting outside but hated water and baths. Otherwise he was not afraid of anything or anyone and would never hesitate to cuddle in your lap even if he had never met you before. He almost made it to 12 years old and sadly we had to make the painful decision to put him at ease. Hopefully he’s somewhere with his aunt pestering and cuddling with each other. He will be missed!
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