In Memory of Montana

Forever-YoungMontana was the most remarkable and vital dog in my life. I could write a book about our time together from 6 weeks to 11 years. He was by my side when my husband died untimely and left me a 31 year old widow with no children….he was my life support system on a leash. He became as important to me as my next breath. I was caught off guard with the death of my husband, so Montana and I started from scratch with nothing to our names….except..Enter my loving parents of 38 years of marriage. They welcomed us back to the home I grew up in..without hesitation. They are not “animal people” in the house…but this tragedy struck all of us so hard, they didn’t think twice. Montana became so much more than a dog to them..he lived not only in their home, but in their hearts, because he saved their baby girl from giving up on life. So it is from my heart and soul that I wrote this just for my son. I would like to acknowledge God first and foremost for entrusting this remarkable animal to me for so many years, secondly I want to acknowledge my loving parents who loved us unconditionally and enriched my life with the love in their hearts and in thier eyes that I could so clearly see.

Thanks be unto God for my Godly Parents and to My God Breathed Montana.

“Baby of Mine”

Baby of Mine
With whiskers on your face
No matter where I went
You followed me all over the place

From playing in the mountains
To boating on the sea
So many great adventures
You’ll always be a part of me

When Todd died
And it was just me and you
You wouldn’t let me quit
You knew God would see us through

You literally saved my life
Montana my love
Go with God
And watch me honor you from above.

Krissy~your Mom 2012
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