In Memory of Miss Bojangles Hurley

shot_1311863406886Miss Bojangles was my first dog and a loyal and true friend to all of us over the years. Ryan and I had just gotten married in the summer of 1999 when we decided to get a dachshund because we loved Dad’s doxie, Mr. Biggie. We found her at a breeder in Covington, TN (outside of Memphis). Because we were 25 and just starting out, we couldn’t afford to buy her all at once so we paid for her in installments. Ryan and I would joke each week that we now owned ¼, ½ and ¾ a doxie! We picked Miss Bo up after a wild night out for Ryan’s 26th birthday and she has been with us ever since! The runt of the litter (daughter of Raggedy Ann and Andy), she had health issues since we first got her but that didn’t keep Miss Bo down! She loved our little apartment and I can still see us taking her down two flights of stairs during the night to potty train her, and deciding to let her sleep in our bed that very first night she came home. She even came to work with me at Theatre Memphis in a laundry basket where she “helped” Ed direct us in “Charlotte’s Web”! Miss Bo never took a liking to other dogs much – she preferred to sit in an adult’s lap and socialize with the grownups til all hours of the night. She also enjoyed a “tooter” full of Coors Light now and again – as she is a Hurley after all. 😉 One night a few ladies even shared some Tequila Rose with her! She was photographed in a poinsettia for Christmas and also with Santa at the Memphis Humane Society each year. One of my all time favorite pics is her in a pumpkin for Halloween – though she also made a very cute witch! Mandy even got her a “mink stole” that she wore each year the annual Hurley Christmas Party! Such a lady! Miss Bo grumpily welcomed Darby Jean into the family in 2003, and they eventually became pals. Miss Bo loved to road trip with us – she went to Oxford many times spending the night at all kinds of places – from the Ole Miss Motel, Pops-T’s 2 apartments and the Oliver Britt house! She even was at her Aunt Jenna’s wedding in Louisiana! She lived at all of our houses – our first apt and 2 homes in Memphis, our house in Jacksonville FL, our house in Denver CO, our house in Kansas City MO and both homes here in Atlanta. Miss Bo had two surgeries in her lifetime – both bladder cystomies to remove stones that developed from uric acid. She developed these a third time in 2011, along with diabetes and was never able to recover. She kept going for so long on sheer will, love and Dingo treats. Miss Bo was patient with Jackson over the years, and we know she hung on just to meet Miss Reese. She loved to go potty out “front ding” (Darby wasn’t allowed!), she would bark at you if you asked her “Who’s that?!?” and she loved to be petted on the tops of her paws. We joked her career choices have been varied – she was a onetime Ole Miss kicker (we would imagine her running out to kick the winning field goal), our “Nanny Jangles”, a Border Patrol agent (she and Darby would spend hours keeping the yard safe from bunnies), and a tooth-pick whittler, as she could sit with the patience of Job holding a twig in her front paws and whittle it down to a perfect tooth pick. She also could sit for up to 2 hours waiting for cheese to fall off our counter! (and it usually would!). When I went back to work last year, Miss Bo joined me as an office mate, sleeping near me on her doggie mat. She would follow me up and down, in and out. She hated fireworks after her first year where she hid under our 1 foot tall deck and Ryan had to pull up planks to rescue her. Miss Bojangles had songs and nicknames galore – truly, too numerous to mention – I bet you have your favorite one you could name right now! “Me Bo” or “Fla Doo” would probably be mine. Deciding to put her to sleep was a decision we struggled with, but she let us know when it was her time. She passed peacefully with Ryan and me – the three of us again, just as we had started almost 13 years ago. Our house and heart seem so empty. There will never be another dog like Miss Bojangles of the Jingle Jangles.

Miss Bojangles – January 2, 2000-September 18, 2012
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