In Memory of Maximus Neel

Maximus1Maximus lived a full life. He was my best friend, and big brother to our dogs and cats. He was born in December of 2000. As big as he was, Maximus was a sweet caretaker, who would great you with a friendly howl and a big smile every chance he had. He let you know that you were loved. Maximus loved all dogs and cats and wanted to be their best friend. He lost his older brother, (Andrew, the Yorkshire terrier) in 2003. He cried and howled when I came home without him. I would then find him laying outside next to an object he would pick out…a hammer, a boot, a shoe, or a small box. He wouldn’t chew it or harm it, just lay next to it. I then realized that everything he chose was the same size as Andrew…He missed his big brother! Maximus, I love you with all of my heart and soul! I miss you every day! You are my son, my hero, my boy, and my best friend! Because of you, I truly understand what unconditional love is! I love you, my boy!
Maximus2 sleepy-boy Max-and-snow Max-and-ball Max-and-Lexi Happy-Max Brothers Beach-bum goofball