In Memory of Max


My baby boy, Max, a gift sent from heaven after losing my Dad 14 years ago. He was only 10 weeks old when I got him…just a tiny little pup but spunky as ever. He was always getting into things causing a ruckus, snorting like a pig and following me everywhere up until the end. I often called him “Spaz” because he would get this crazy look in his eyes and take off running from one room to another…always making me laugh. He was good for that and helped me through many tough times just being the goofy pug that he was.

Everyone that met Max would fall in love with his personality; he was like a little person. He would rather be with people than other animals. Anyone willing to let him sit on their lap or give a good ear rub soon became a best friend. He was so lovable you just couldn’t resist.

He had quite a few health issues over the years but would always bounce back no matter what. When he was very young he developed Mange and went through several dipping treatments over an extended period of time and beat it. He then started having seizures around 3 years of age and I have given him phenobarbital ever since which worked for all those years. He later developed “dry eye”, like me, and used eye drops…I guess I must have rubbed off on him. I was then amazed when he overcame a stroke in October 2013 but watched him slowly deteriorate over the past year which broke my heart. He was diagnosed with kidney disease about a month and a half ago and seemed to be hanging on but it just became too much for his little body to handle and I could no longer watch him suffer. I had to make the decision to send him off to the Angels where he would suffer no more. I know he is running around like a nut, snorting and having so much fun.

I thank you for all of the joy you have given me all these years. You were the best dog in the world and I will MISS and LOVE you always. Some day we will be together again my boy.

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