In Memory of Marcy

100_24901“And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Our precious Marcy came to us at 12 weeks old on February, 13, 2000, and sorrowfully departed our lives on October, 2, 2015. We were not looking to adopt a dog, but accompanied our daughter who was looking to adopt her first dog to the Cobb County Animal Shelter. Shortly after our arrival we spotted a small white puppy with a long fluffy wagging tail. This sweet face puppy stood on her hind legs reaching up toward us, all the while as she stared at us with her beautiful eyes, she sent us the message; “I am the one” you want. It didn’t take long for this beautiful puppy to warm our hearts, and we unexpectedly were determined to make her ours. Eagerly we inquired about the adoption process and were notified that there were six names on the adoption list and they were not taking more names. But we insisted that we be listed as number seven; our internal instincts told us that this puppy was meant to be ours.

A week later we return to the shelter on adoption day. Our anticipation grew with each name and number that was called in hopes that no one would stepped forward to claim “our puppy”. As they called out the fifth name and there was no response; we knew in our hearts that the sixth person was not present. Finally we heard our name and “number seven” called, and we knew it was “providence”; that beautiful white puppy was a gift to us. Unknowingly, when we adopted Marcy, she would come to fill an absence in our lives as we adjusted to being new residents to Georgia, recent empty nesters and then we became new human parents to her. Marcy became our newest member of our family; a “little sister” to our daughter and son as they so often lovingly referred to her. We have always known without hesitation that Marcy was meant to be with us.

Marcy enjoyed looking out the windows or sitting on the front porch on “neighborhood watch duty”. She also received pleasure on taking walks among nature as she investigated new surroundings with her nose always close to the ground. She traveled extremely well and she often accompanied us on our long distance trips or weekend country drives. Marcy always preferred the company of humans instead of other pets, and whenever we were out in public someone would always stop to pet her. She would excitingly wag her tail or rolled over for a belly rub in gratitude of their acknowledgment of her. Our sweet Marcy, always managed to make people smile; and when they would asked her age, they were amazed at how young she appeared. Though she looked much younger than her physical age; her age would take a toll on her little body. Eighteen months prior to her demise she was diagnosed with kidney and liver disease; yet throughout her illness, she was a mighty fighter, resilient to the end. Even in her worst days she still had a loving and courageous spirit. What an amazing lesson of survival and enjoyment of life she has shown us.

Never did we imagine so long ago, that this beautiful white dog with the big brown eyes and long fluffy tail would bring such joy and love into our hearts and home. She was a precious gift we will cherish each day. Our hearts are profoundly broken, and our home will never be the same without her presence; it will be forever silent of the jingling from her collar and her loving greeting at the door. We remain ever sadden by her absence, but extremely grateful and blessed for the happiness and faithful companionship Marcy gave us, and we hold dearly within our hearts the many loving memories we have of her. We will meet again with open arms sweet baby girl.

Conceivably without the outstanding medical care Marcy received throughout her life at Banfield Pet Hospital in Kennesaw and the specialist at Blue Pearl-Georgia Veterinary Specialist, she may have departed sooner. The affection and tenderness Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Alleyne and the entire staff at Banfield gave our precious little girl will long be cherished by us. We are enormously grateful for their warmth, humanity and kindheartedness as they cared for Marcy, and the compassionated support they have given us; we are extremely blessed. With the kindly assistance of Dr. Jones, of Gentle Touch Home Vet Care we were able to give Marcy a tranquil and gentle passing in her home; we are so appreciative for her service. Additionally, thank you to the staff of Dream Land Pet Memorial Center, for assisting us with arrangements and handling our precious Marcy with thoughtfulness and dignity. May your kindness be repaid with continued blessings.

With undying love for our beloved Marcy from her family

“Those who leave sweet memories live forever in our hearts.” author unknown
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